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With just a couple months left in 2014, there is still time to step up your selling, meet your quota, and develop a strong pipeline filled with referral-based prospects for the New Year. It’s not hard, but it will take work. If you want startling results in 2015, the time to get your ducks in a row is now.

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Wide Awake at Dreamforce 2014

If we’re not learning, we’re dead. I didn’t coin that phrase, but that’s my belief. Learning is exciting and transforming. That’s one of the key reasons I’ve attended Dreamforce for the past three years—last year as a guest blogger for Salesforce.com and this year as a speaker. Here are a few of my favorite highlights from this year. (Read more.)

Why Permission Marketing Always Trumps the Cold Call

“It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” Many of us adopt this mantra as we progress in our careers. But begging for forgiveness doesn’t work in marketing and sales. Guest blogger Megan Totka, chief editor for ChamberofCommerce.com, reminds us why permission is key. (Read more.)

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Yes, you’re very busy. We all are. But relationship-building is not a luxury for salespeople; it’s the only way we can be good at our jobs and keep customers happy so they continue sending us business. And if we’re really good, their referrals will keep our sales pipelines full of hearty leads. (Read more.)

Social Deja Vu: We’ve Been Here Before

People have always been fascinated with—and even enthralled by—technology. But we’ve never been surrounded by so much of it. What does this mean for salespeople? That we must spend less time connecting online and more time building connections that count. (Read more.)

How to Lose Clients and Alienate People

It’s common sense that annoying strangers who never expressed any interest in hearing your sales pitch is a waste of time. Yet far too many sales pros are still doing it, usually because their sales managers demand it. But cold calling doesn’t work. (Read more.)

Want to Know Me? Look Me Up

Salespeople must do exacting research. It’s our job as smart, strategic sales pros to deliver value—real value—and we can only do that if we’ve invested time in researching our prospects. Buyer 2.0 is very good at homework, so Seller 2.0 must be just as well informed to compete in today’s challenging business environment. (Read more.)

Introductions All Around: It’s Time for Online to Meet Offline

Your networking prowess is critical for sales effectiveness. Every new person with whom you connect is a potential client or Referral Source. Networking means talking to people, building relationships, and being genuine. As a sales professional, you’re already good at all that. But in the digital era, you need to be “off the charts” great at networking online, as well as in-person, to build connections. (Read more.)

[Message to Management]: Are Your Salespeople Space Cowboys?

Technology lets us do many things better and faster, but for some tasks, the old-school ways still work best, especially in sales. When it comes to communicating with clients and prospects—building the kind of relationships that increase sales and revenue—there’s simply no gadget, gizmo, or automated process that can replace the power of a real human connection. (Read more.)

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