Use Black Friday code 50OFFJB.

My colleagues at Vengreso created an amazing online course on Selling with LinkedIn for Individuals. I’ve taken it. (Well, most of it.) It’s dynamic and highly detailed, and I’ve learned a ton. (A caveat: We differ about asking for referrals. They say yes to asking for referrals on LinkedIn. I say no way, ever.)

Vengreso is celebrating Black Friday by offering 50% off the Selling with LinkedIn for Individuals training course. But DO NOT use their code. Use 50OFFJB instead.

Why take this course? You’ve heard me talk for years about showing up online like you show up in person. LinkedIn is the place to begin a conversation and begin a relationship. No pitching. No selling.

Vengreso (mostly) agrees with me, and this 100% on-demand course is the most convenient and affordable way to learn LinkedIn sales methods. Now, the first 500 people to register will get it for half off … That’s CRAZY!

Selling with LinkedIn for Individuals is a good fit if you (or your team) want to:

  • Start more sales conversations.
  • Get more inbound leads where prospects seek you out.
  • Hit the ground running in 2020!

Learn more about the Selling with LinkedIn on-demand course. And don’t forget to use my Black Friday gift code 50OFFJB — and NOT the BLACKFRIDAY discount code on the registration page and promotional ads.

This offer expires November 30, so build your skills now. Learn how to use LinkedIn, so people find you and you find them. This is a perfect complement to my LinkedIn Referral Selling Program.

Give yourself a special holiday gift and get the course now!