The 2010 Top Sales Award logoJust in case you missed it, the inaugural Top Sales Awards were last week. The awards were a culmination of a year’s worth of outstanding sales articles, personalities, solutions, and resources.

Congratulations to the Winners of the First-Ever Top Sales Awards

Thank you for voting for my article, “Why Social Networks Won’t Build Your Business“. I won the Bronze Medal. Now I can say that I’ve “medaled.”

A Few Highlights and Congrats

  • Jill Konrath, Top Sales Personality
  • Art Sobczak, Top Sales Book, Smart Calling and to Jill Konrath who won the Silver Medal for Snap Selling
  • Top Sales Article Medal Winners:
    • Gold Medal went to Paul McCord
    • Silver Medal to Kendra Lee
    • Bronze Medal… well you know that, already
  • Top Sales Star Gold Medal: Ian Moyse, Webroot Software
  • Top Sales Resource: Rain Today, Selling Power, and CanDoGo
  • Top Sales Solution Silver Medal: InsideView

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