Sales hums with on-the-go, in-touch, and connected relationships. Even referral-selling stars need a little down time.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. American Airlines got it in five. What’s your passion, where do you want to travel, where do you spend your time? Stop and think about it. Stop and do it.

Capture the experience of your life—live. It’s OK not to take a picture with your smart phone. Your brain—the original database—does a really good job of capturing, connecting, and treasuring your memories.

It’s OK to cut your connection for a bit.

 Sales takes time, commitment, and passion. Selling is tough. Travel is tough. Business is tough. It takes a toll on our minds and our bodies. I’ve told many people that if I were a 1K traveler, I’d know I was in the wrong job. After awhile, I don’t know what time zone I’m in, or if I’ve repeated myself in conversation with my fellow passengers.

Sales Is Personal. Life Is, Too.

It’s almost impossible to disconnect today. This past summer I spent 10 days at the beach—no schedule, no responsibilities, and no deadlines—just fresh air, a warm ocean, and great company. Did I do a little work? Yes, I did. But I had no stress. I checked email once or twice a day, and that was it.

What I did was sleep…a lot. I had no idea how exhausted I was—both mentally and physically. We don’t realize how much we need a vacation until we take one. We need to stop. We need to really stop.

You are your #1 referral source, but you can’t be at your best when you’re overworked, overstimlulated, overthinking, and overconnected. In fact, your brain is better with a little vacation. Get some rest. Take time to be lazy. All the business-development, next-quarter planning, etc. happens on the back burner (or maybe not at all—and that’s OK, too).

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

My sister and I travel together every year—usually on hiking or adventure trips. We’ve been to China, Peru, the Czech Republic, Italy, Chile, Easter Island, Argentina, and Mexico (twice). This year we’re traveling to London and then to Amsterdam on a barge trip to wonderful places. We’ll see tulips, the work of many artists, and local color.

In London we’ll visit one of my sales colleagues, plus two wonderful people we met on Easter Island. I plan to absorb every bit of what I experience. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? The experience.

You Have Permission

Take the time. Unplug from your sales life. Be a better you. Smell the roses. Or, in my case, the tulips. It matters.

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