Here’s what you might have missed in October—and what to look forward to in November.

The temperatures are getting cooler, but things have really been heating up at No More Cold Calling this fall. After debuting “Big Deals and High Heels: Why Women Are Naturals at Selling” at Dreamforce, I’m gearing up to take this interactive presentation on the road, bringing a powerful message to both women and men about our brain differences, why they matter, and how to adjust our communication.

And with Q4 upon us, I’m still working with sales leaders to build referral programs that fill their teams’ pipelines with nothing but hot, qualified leads.

Want to learn more? Join Influitive and me this Thursday, November 5, for a referral selling webinar, “Marry Marketing & Sales to Generate More Referrals.” We’ll discuss my five-step process that helps sales reps generate more referrals and helps marketing turn those new customers into brand advocates.


In the meantime, check out my referral selling blog posts from October:

No One Wants Your Cold Calls

I’ve heard it takes at least seven to 10 touches for sales teams who cold call and cold email prospects to connect with decision-makers. They research their targets (sometimes), identify trigger events, and create a compelling message (or so they think). But even after all that effort, many never get a foot in the door. Who has that kind of time? And why is it so hard for these reps to actually get on their prospects’ calendars? Because decision-makers don’t take cold calls or respond to cold emails. They have better things to do, and so does your sales team. (Read more.)

3 Reasons Sales Teams Should Never Ask for Referrals on LinkedIn

Are your reps just clicking buttons to invite people to connect on LinkedIn? Or worse yet, to ask for referrals? The “standard” invite has become pretty standard. But it’s not enough for salespeople, whose job is to build relationships. Where’s the “hello?” Where’s the conversation? Where the heck are their manners? Don’t let your team alienate their social networks by asking for referrals the wrong way. (Read more.)

Why Words Matter More than Ever in Business to Business Sales

You’ve heard the saying: “People buy with emotion and justify with fact.” That’s why the words you use matter and why business to business sales “pitches” fall flat. Unless you can tap into what’s really going on with your customers and prospects—unless they feel that working with you will help solve their problems—you’ll never get the deal. This month’s guest blogger, Linda Richardson, busts the body language myth and explains why your words help seal the deal. (Read more.)

Want Prospects Who Want to Hear from You? Get Referrals

I recently scored a meeting with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. It took me one call to get on his calendar. Why? I received a referral introduction from his trusted friend and advisor. During our 30-minute call, I learned what this CEO expected from salespeople and what initiatives he was driving. He referred me to his Global VP, who has been more than willing to help me make connections within the company. That’s the beauty of referral selling. Decision-makers will always meet with salespeople who’ve been referred by people they know and trust. (Read more.)