How Referrals Guarantee a One-Call Meeting

How many calls or emails does it take to convert the average sales lead into a customer? Research suggests the magic number is between seven and twelve. Along the way, account based sales reps struggle to get past gatekeepers, prove themselves to decision-makers, and warm up cold leads into hot prospects. They spend most of the time spinning their wheels, trying to get meetings, and waiting to close deals.

The average account based sales strategy relies on outdated tactics that simply don’t work with modern buyers. Decision-makers don’t take cold calls, respond to cold emails, or have sales conversations with strangers on social media. These activities get sales teams nowhere and eat up company time and resources in the process.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a way for your account based sales team to get every meeting in just one call—no wheel spinning or cold calling required.

Account based selling hinges on understanding what motivates the modern B2B buyer—trusting relationships. Successful sales teams don’t rely on digital lead generation and serial phone stalking. Instead, they score qualified leads with a systematic referral program.

Learn how to get red-hot prospects with a referral system!

It’s one thing to say you will ask for referrals. It’s much harder to officially ditch cold calling and implement a referral system that cranks out consistent results. But since referral selling is the only account based sales development strategy with a 70-percent conversion rate, the effort is well worth it.

If you’re wondering how a referral-based lead generation system will transform your sales and marketing strategies, this talk is for you.

In this revealing discussion, Joanne breaks down her proven No More Cold Calling® Referral Selling Lead Generation System and explains how to transform the way your organization approaches account based selling. Your team will learn how to leverage the power of their referral networks and hit their sales numbers without hitting the phones.

In this talk, Joanne shares how to:

  • Capture new accounts
  • Master the one-call meeting
  • Get the gatekeeper on your side
  • Jump-start referral selling with your team
  • Increase business within existing accounts
  • Increase your close rate while decreasing your prospecting time

Invite Joanne to speak to your account based selling team. How Referrals Guarantee a One-Call Meeting will revolutionize your sales process and challenge your understanding of prospecting.

There’s no time to lose. Learn these secrets before your competition does! Call Joanne at 415-461-8763 or email her at right now.