The Business Case for Referrals

Look closely, it worksThe Irrefutable Referral Business Case

The Premise

  • Referral prospects convert to clients a minimum 50%
  • Average sale is $25K (USD) – Adjust this number for your business
  • 90-day timeframe to close the sale

Referral selling uses powerful networksThe Compelling Business Results

  • Ask 20 contacts for one or two referral introductions each
  • Receive 10 referral introductions to your ideal clients
  • Schedule 8 referral meetings
  • Book 4 new clients
  • Achieve $100K (USD) in additional sales revenue

This is without taking into account variables such as increase in deal size, increase in close ratio, shortening of the sales process, and introductions to new decision makers that result from referrals.

Worth it? You decide.

Do the Math

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Challenge the Status Quo with Referral Selling

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Cutting-Edge, Creative, and Integrated Delivery Options that Work

Imagine your return on investment if you could:

  • Reduce your sales costs by at least half while doubling your sales
  • Increase your retention up to 10x while exploding learning motivation

You can. By using No More Cold Calling’s state-of-the-art webinars coupled with innovative, game based reinforcement learning modules and competitions. We believe in flexibility. The No More Cold Calling referral sales training programs are delivered through interactive webinars, online learning tools, or in-person workshops. We customize training delivery to your preferences, schedule, and organizational culture.

What Kind of Salesperson Is On Your Team?

  • Technical expert (I’m not a salesperson.)
  • Reluctant salesperson (I’d rather do the work than prospect—any day)
  • Seasoned professional (I’ve been selling for years and most of my business is already from referrals)
  • New to sales (I don’t have enough contacts to ask for referrals)
  • Professional services (I didn’t go to school to sell)

Cold like an icebergNo More Cold Calling

Whatever the role in sales, I know salespeople would do anything to avoid cold-call prospecting. Cold calling is a tactic, duplicitous, not genuine, and it doesn’t work. (Cold calling delivers a meager 3percent return.)

Cold calling is a total waste of every salesperson’s time. On the other hand, referral selling delivers sales results for all types of salespeople. (Referral selling delivers a minimum 50 percent return. Do the math.)

Finally, there’s a proven approach to build sales doing what salespeople do every day—talking to customers, colleagues, and friends. Salespeople already have a built-in referral network. They’re just not using it.

Change the Face of Sales Forever

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