Bounding for successThe economy is fickle, but No More Cold Calling’s 9 “killer” steps will boost your sales in any economy. I promise.

What a roller coaster—this up and down economy—2001, 2002, then the Recession of 2008-09. Now we hear that recovery will be slow, and we might even experience a double dip. How do we sell in this volatile economy?

As a salesperson, my head is spinning. Clients tell us their budgets are cut, then they open their wallets (found money!), and just as quickly close them. What do we do?

Share the Wealth, Share Your Network

First and foremost, we stay in touch; ask how we can help them; and connect our clients, colleagues, and peers with resources in our network.

Yes, the sales landscape has changed. It will never be the same (and probably shouldn’t). We must continually evaluate and adjust our business strategies and in many cases, work differently.

9 Killer Steps to Boost Your Sales

The same  “8 Killer Steps” that I talked about in 2001, 2002, and again in 2008 and 2009 still apply! Here, I’ve updated the order and added a bonus #9!

  1. Broaden Your Perspective/Narrow Your Focus: Is your sales and marketing focus working? What business are you in? Gather a team of advisors and listen to their ideas. Build new alliances or alternate distribution channels.
  2. Stay Connected: Continue to stay in touch with everyone. Get out there and attend as many events as you can. Up your activity on social media. Talk to people you haven’t seen in awhile.
  3. Be Nimble and Innovative: You’ll never have all the facts, so make quick decisions. There’s no time to dawdle. As the economy slows, the pace of your decision-making must speed up.
  4. Dazzle Your Current Customers: If you do nothing else. They are your best source of new business and your most treasured Referral Source. Don’t ignore them.
  5. Prioritize Wisely: Do what’s “closest to cash” the first thing every day. Don’t get caught in the email jungle. Prioritize high-payoff activities and don’t be afraid to call it quits if a strategy isn’t delivering results.
  6. Become the Expert: When money is tight, companies hire experts—they can’t afford to make mistakes—especially now. This is counter-intuitive. We think the more we do, the better, but the opposite is true. Position your company as the expert with a specific product or a specific market niche.
  7. Don’t Cut Price: Consider how to “get in and get started.” There’s a difference between price and payment. If you start to discount, you’ll go deeper and deeper into a hole.
  8. Talk ROI: Make the business case. Connect the dots between the client problem and your solution. Monetize—demonstrate savings and results.
  9. Commit to Building Your Referral Business: You get the meeting with your decision-maker when you receive a referral introduction. You shorten your sales process, ace out the competition, and gain a new client more the 70% of the time.

The “R” Word: Talk About It

What are you doing to ride this roller coaster? What works for you, and what are you doing to survive and thrive? Start the conversation, finish ahead.

9 “Killer Steps” to Boost Your Sales at your next sales meeting. More, personalized, and impactful—energize your sales team and hit your sales numbers.

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